Custom Products

Custom Dog Coats

Made to order, for all dogs from 30cm - 75cm in a variety of fabrics, colours and linings to suit.

Dog Trial Sticks

Made up of all natural native woods with dear antler handles up to 1 metre in length,

optional custom engraving also available.

Other Products

Puppy & dog collars, safety slip collars in a variety of colours plus chains in various sizes.

Made from good quality polypropylene and polyester that does not swell or harden, is light weight and long lasting.

Walking harnesses and driving harness for dogs in various sizes and colours 

Made with polyester PVC canvas with a 4cm thickness and a variety of sizes and colours. 

About Wendy


Hi, I am Wendy Schmidt, a farmer's wife that works on the land as well, in Dannevirke, New Zealand. 

I have, breed and train my own dogs and I like to do sheep dog trials. I have a few hobbies which includes making collars and sticks and will just about have a go at anything. I love working with wood and also make clocks and barometers.