Good equipment for

   a Good Breed


Good quality pollypropilene and pollyesta that does not swell or harden, light weight and long lasting.

​Pup. $8.00

Other $10.00


Collar has been designed to hold on to the dog without choking.  Loosining off very easy when dog stops pulling.



Made from a large variety of trees these are mostley made with deer antler handles. There is a large veriety to choose from, very plain to very fancy.

$85.00 --$125.00

 Light coats to very warm winter coats.

Nylon to keep out the wind or cover canvas to keep out the wind and rain.

Also cream and brown oilskin.

Done up with velcro or buckles.

All your choice just send me there measurments and what you would like.

from $10 dollars for very small to $75

for very large.


Made to the desired length with a silver or brass snaphook, also double ended.

$8.00 & $12.00

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