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Hi I’m Wendy Schmidt and I’m keen to make your dog happy with a nice light and comfortable collar, coat and harness or whatever you would like made.

I am a farmer’s wife that also works on the land living in Dannevirke, lower North Island, New Zealand.

I own and train dogs and enjoy participating in sheep dog trial. I have also bred working dogs and sometimes have pups for sale.

I have a few hobbies that include making collars and dog trial sticks and am willing to have a go at just about anything, so if you have something you would like contact me via email with your request and I will see what I can do. Working with wood is something I really enjoy and also make clocks and barometers.

As mentioned I make light to heavy weight dog trail sticks by request for customers so they are unique, although I do sometimes have a number pre-made on hand for sale. Please note that I am not selling these as walking sticks as some of these are not suitable for weight eg: most curly sticks are made from whitey-wood (soft wood)



If you would like to go on my mailing list for irregular newsletters of what I am up to and what’s new in my products for sale list, please send an email to: wschmidt@wendysdogapparel.com  with your Name and Email address and I will add you. Also I am open to ideas if you would like something special. Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone else.
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