Thank you so much for this                      FANTASTIC FEEDBACK        

 JOHN Carrad     2014

Slip collar;   It works- My Huntaway has not been able to slip her collar since I put it on her. Thanks.


 Craige Morris   2014

Got the collars ok, they look and feel great, my two labs will love them. Thank you.


 John Aldworth     20014

Wendy has made collars and harness for me. They are good quality and well made. The belt pouch custom made and very good, also dog trial stick very well made.

 Dianne Ryder  2014

I have bought Wendys collars, which are well made and wear well, also a harness that works well on my heading dog. Thae dog Trial stick is nice to look at and use.


 Bob Burger    2014

This is the second lot of collars I"ve bought off Wendy and have found they don"t swell over time making it easy to take on and off while dog trialing.


Brenda O'Leary

2nd lot of collars I have bought off Wendy - just wouldn't go any where alse, well made, soft to handle,- excellent.

Bob Bryson    2014

Iv'e bought severel products from wendy now and found them all of high quality. A very pleased custormer.


Steve & Charmaine Murphy  2014


We have bought a number of collars from Wendy now and have found them to be the best collars around.

They don’t get hard and therefore are easy to put on and take off.

Wendy is prompt with her deliveries and only too willing to be of any assistance.

july 2018

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for the beautiful dog coats, .... they are just superb!  They arrived yesterday and the dogs wore them last night, -2 degrees! This morning was the first morning Dan the huntaway was still in his kennel asleep at 6.45 when Paul lets them out. Often he is barking intermittedly from 6.30am. We are delighted that the dogs are so much warmer and happier....thank you so much..  Robin Weir

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