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Made of pollyesta or pollyproplene these are very strong and durable. These do not swell if wet and do not harden if dirty, light and long lasting. Come in what ever length you would like for your dog or  puppy.


 Made from a variety of woods and have deer antler handles. Most have paua or oyster shell on them somewhere. They can be carved to your favourite dog or have them personalised to your liking. There are a range in weights and lengths. None over 1m.

Please note that I am not selling these as walking sticks as some are made of soft wood which would not take weight.

Safety Slip Collars

 These collars Purpose is to stop the dog from slipping the collar without choking. It will tighten but as soon as the dog stops pulling it will loosen quickly. My own new design that works if the correct size is put on. When buying one of these collars you need to measure the widest part of the dogs head eg; just in front of the dogs ears. it needs to slide easely over without being to loose.

Driving Harness

This was made by request in the first instant and has been altered to do two jobs rather than one, meaning you can have it around the ribs or the flank. The underside  it is now buckle and strap so it can be altered easy and also has a D on the underneath on the back collar so a rope can be conected. It has large rings on either side on the back collar to accommodate a large snap hook or a pole. 

 This harness is not a driving harness but has a D in the centre of the back to clip a rope to. Both harnesses come in small, med and large. These are $30.00 plus postage.


Covers for all shapes and sizes.

Just send me their size .

Easy to slip on and off and last well.

Made of light weight canvas or pvc backed polyester these are great night time wear to keep them warm on those cold winter nights. Done up with 50ml wide Velcro.

So Easy.


© 2013 Wendy Schmidt. All Rights Reserved.


94cm high Remu wood with dear antler handle heading dog engraved in crown SOLD

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