The price above is the starting price.

All have there own unique difference. Different lengths and different woods. If you want it personalised I can put your initials on it and even put your favourite dog engraved in the crown of the handle. There is a variation of prices please note these in the reference on the product page.


Whiteywood; White curley wood that is quite soft but holds well if looked after, can be stained to any colour and when glossed comes up beautiful.

Manuka; very hard wood, quite heavy, brown and can be made to look patched with light and dark colours. very hard to find curled.

Tunekaha; Bought down to me from far north, this comes up a deep red in colour, quite hard and makes a beautiful stick.

Pear;  I make this stick leaveing the bark on as it comes up a very dark almost black in colour with a little ribbing that runs downward. Very nice strong wood.

Kauri; Very simular to the Tunekaha just a bit browner, Good stong wood.

Cheery: Another one that I leave the nice Bark on as it is a brown red with a ripple and comes up very nice when polished.

Totara; Again a very nice deep brown wood. 

Maybe you have some sort of wood you would like or even one you have found yourself and would like made up, lets talk. I also do repairs.



Sticks Starting price

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  •  All the Dog trial sticks are made from a  veriety of woods. All made by me with the garinty of workmanship. if at all there is a problem it will be fixed.  I also do repears to other sticks at a small cost.

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