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Dog Trial Sticks

Wendy's dog trial sticks are hand-crafted from native wood with deer antler handles, and come in a variety of styles, whether you're looking for a simple straight stick or something more elaborate, Wendy will have one to suit. For that personalised touch, Wendy offers custom engraving on all her sticks.

All unique and customisable

Made up of all natural native woods with dear antler handles. I have a huge variety to choose from, from straight and plain, to curly and detailed. All up to 1 metre in length with optional custom engraving also available.

Straight sticks $120

Curly sticks starting price $155

Optional extras

Dogs head engraved in the crown of the antler and coloured  $45. 

Initials $5

Engraving along stick $25

25% discount to Centre’s buying 4 sticks.   

Leather: brown 

Cord: black or brown

 Wire : silver, gold or copper around top of stick. $10

The Leather, Cord and the wire are around the top of the stick below the handle

Please note these are designed as dog trial sticks only, they are not strong enough to serve as a walking stick. 

Dog Stick Enquiry

Dog Trial Stick Enquiry Form

Please complete the form below. 

This enquiry form is not considered a formal order until you have accepted my quote.


Your details
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Are you interested in any engraving?
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Thanks, I'll be in touch!

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